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Here at The Mockingbird on Main we feel that offering quality entertainment content is a core component of our mission. We believe that a hybrid model of live 'in person' performance and quality streamed content is the way forward for the performing arts. So, whenever possible, we hope to give our patrons the opportunity to enjoy the on stage programming we bring to our live stage as well as performances made specifically for streaming.


In this way we can offer great artistic performances to an audience that, for any reason, can't come and visit us at our location in Davenport, Iowa, but also to those that might have challenges and barriers that limit their access to quality entertainment.

In order to provide these experiences we ask for your support. Certain shows are offered free for you to enjoy and share. However, we ask that if you do enjoy what you see here we want to encourage you to "PAY WHAT YOU THINK IT IS WORTH". The easiest way to do this is to use VENMO - CLICK HERE - and make a donation.


Your generosity will help ensure we can continue to bring quality entertainment to everyone, everywhere.

Thank you for your generous support.