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COVID-19 Protocols
Our space is small and intimate.
Our goal is to provide a safe place as Covid and it’s variants continue to make their way through our community.

vaccinations and Face Coverings

UPDATED 12/4/2021

The Mockingbird On Main highly recommends all visitors wear face coverings when attending an event regardless of vaccination status.  

Face masks are available at the door should you need one.

This a public health crisis, the way out is truly a team effort and we will do our best to play our part.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Cleaning & Sanitation

The Mockingbird On Main closely follows the Center for Disease Control guidelines regarding cleaning and sanitation. All hard surfaces such as tables, countertops and chairs are cleaned daily before patrons arrive using EPA approved environmentally responsible cleaners whenever possible. High touch electronics are cleaned periodically with cleaners approved for those types of devices. 

We will continue to do our best to keep our patrons, staff and performers safe and to reduce the chances of spreading the Coronavirus.


Our Mission


Our Vision

The Mockingbird on Main is a creator-driven arts incubator.

We aspire to provide an inclusive, collaborative, safe, and innovative environment where through the presentation of a variety of classic, contemporary, and original works, our artists can be inspired to expand the collective understanding of ourselves, the world at large and, most importantly, our collective humanity.

The vision of The Mockingbird On Main is to unite cross-generational outreach and civic engagement to make a positive impact on our world through excellence in artistic expression.

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