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Are you interested in directing a show at THE MOCKINGBIRD ON MAIN?

Do you have an original work you would like us to consider producing?

Are you a performer with an idea for a project you would like to do?

GREAT! We want to hear about it!

Please read these guidelines carefully if you wish to submit. We accept submissions at any time since there is no set season for shows. 

General Guidelines:

  • You may submit projects of any variety, including musicals.

  • Original works and ideas are welcome and encouraged.

  • Please do not submit projects you are also submitting to other theaters.

  • In order to submit, please prepare:

    • Your full contact information

    • Your resume or a list of your experience. 

    • In your own word, a brief synopsis of the project (no more than one or two paragraphs)

    • Your suggested production dates based on your availability.

    • Your vision for the project and why you want to do it, direct it or have it produced.

Please note: Providing a brief synopsis and sharing your vision of the project are very important. Initial evaluations will be made solely based on the nature of the project, synopses and the vision of the submitter. 

Playwrights should upload a PDF copy of their script for perusal. Directors need not send copies of published scripts with the initial submission, though you may if you choose. If THE MOCKINGBIRD ON MAIN does not have access to a copy of any title we are considering, we will request one photocopy or electronic copy from you. We can only accept photocopies or electronic copies. No scripts will be returned.

Once received and reviewed, project submissions we believe fit our mission and schedule will be prioritized. If your submission is one of them, we will want to talk to you about your project. We will contact you to set up a time to meet to discuss your project.

We are looking for a balance of projects; classics, comedies, and drama. Cabarets, one person shows, magicians, musicians, plate spinners you name it. If you are really good and very entertaining, we'd like to hear from you. Our Mission Statement should give you some guidelines as to the types of projects we are interested in but really there are no bad ideas.


The Mockingbird On Main

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