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Taylor Lynn


Taylor Lynn is ecstatic to be making her Mockingbird on Main debut in this beautiful piece of art!

Adam Cerny



Adam is excited to be back on The Mockingbird on Main stage!

Drew DeKeyrel



Drew DeKeyrel plays George.

Brittany Anderson



Brittany is making her Mockingbird debut with this production!

Louie Fisher



Louie is making his stage debut with this production!

Alisha M. Hanes



I hope you leave feeling educated, entertained and inspired!

Emmalee Hilburn



Emmalee is from Hillsdale, Illinois where she lives with her husband Andy, and 3 daughters, Lynnlee, Azalea, and Cianna.

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Inspired by Thorton Wilder's classic, “Our Town,” “Their Town” presents life, marriage, and death in a small midwestern town. A day and a night go by as people just try to get by in the new century. 
When was the last time you thought back? When was the last time you truly stopped, sat down, and let yourself be immersed in memory? I'll be the first to admit, I don't do it often. I find myself only able to focus on the future; the projects I have coming up, that one deadline at work in a couple of weeks, finding out when the next episode of Stranger Things is going to eventually debut. We're all naturally wired to be stressed about the present and anxious about the future. When we reflect, it's typically brief:

"I haven't heard this song in years!"
"Can you believe people used to wear that?"
"Say what you like but I made that mullet look good."

The play you're going to watch tonight exists because of Our Town. Chances are good you've at least heard of it, even if you've never seen or read it. That's a testament to its power. The central 'lesson' of that show is that we should enjoy life while we're living it. On its face, it sounds obvious. The reason Our Town has lasted as long as it has in our cultural memory is because it makes you realize it's not so obvious. We all, every single one of us, take things for granted. The things that are here today are not guaranteed for tomorrow. Where that show has begun to falter over the years (at least, in my opinion) is in its setting. Grover’s Corners is a fictional town that is a century removed. The show’s central lesson is still vital, but the world we have to inhabit to get there is alien to us. There are characters who are worried that their neighbors are starting to lock their doors at night. There are those who roll their eyes at the thought of electricity being installed in the home. Today, we get frustrated if the internet starts running slow in the middle of streaming.

I believe Thorton Wilder’s message still needs to be experienced. So the question I had to ask myself was "how would this story be told today?". Largely the same and yet entirely different. Those of you who have seen the original may notice those similarities. Those of you who haven't don't need to. You are in the hands of a wonderful set of actors who are going to introduce you to a world that is wholly imagined and entirely real. The setting is a small midwestern town. It doesn't matter which one.

As you watch the show tonight, place yourself in the characters' shoes. I don't think you'll find it difficult. Too often we forget how similar we all are. Laugh with them, cry with them, express yourself however you need to. There are no wrong answers.

Tonight’s performance is going to ask you to reflect. It might be challenging, it might be difficult, but that's okay. So is being human.

Enjoy tonight.

Alexander Richardson - Playwright, Director
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Director, Playwright, Projections, Sound Designer
Alexander Richardson
Assistant Director and Stage Manager
Celeaciya Olvera
Micah Bernas
Producer, Scenic Artist, Costumer, House Manager
Savannah Bay Strandin
Producer, Co-Lighting Designer
Tristan Tapscott
Co-Lighting Designer, Assistant Stage Manager
Douglas Kutzli
Virtual Showbill and Web Design
Virtual Design Services
Barely There Theatre
Playcrafters Barn Theatre
Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse
Jonathan Turner
Sean Leary
Thornton Wilder
Jeremy Littlejohn
Cynthia Taylor
Stephanie Svarz
Jo Vasquez

Celeaciya Olvera

Celeaciya Olvera is a junior triple majoring in Communication Studies, MJMC, and Theatre with a performance concentration with a minor in Entertainment Media. She is from East Moline, IL where she started her journey in theater as a junior at UTHS. She has outside experience in community theatre at Playcrafters Barn Theatre in Moline where she was cast in “The Wolves” as player #11. “The Captive” is Celeaciya’s first onstage production at Augustana College and will continue theater throughout the rest of her college career and then some. Their Town is the first production Celeaciya has stage managed. Outside of theatre, Celeaciya worked as a production intern with Fresh Films, wrote for The Observer in the opinions column, and is part of the Chi Omega Gamma Sorority. Celeacya would like to thank Alex Richardson for this thrilling opportunity, the entire cast and crew for guiding her through this process, and her family for their continued support.


Alexander Richardson


Alexander Richardson has been doing theatre his entire adult life. He has been lucky enough to work on over a hundred projections and work with hundreds and hundreds of gifted and talented artists. Directing, acting, writing, designing, box office managing, if it ends in an 'ing' and involves theatre, chances are good that Alex has done it. Out of all the roles he has filled, director and writer are the two that bring him the most satisfaction. This is his fourteenth time directing and his eighth script to reach a stage with an audience. Some of his favorite prior credits include directing Waiting for Godot (Penny Dreadful Players), (a work in progress) (Playcrafters Barn Theatre) and the show you’re going to see tonight. When not in the theatre, Alex works at Black Hawk College where he helps administer and assess institutional data. He also produces a podcast, Barely There Theatre, where original audio plays are released for free. You can subscribe at barelytheretheatre.com/listen . He'd like to thank Tristan and Savannah for taking a chance on new works and you, the audience, for also taking a chance on new works.

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