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Your Better Self

Zenola Goodrich married for wealth and lives comfortably- the only thing she's missing in her life is love. Antoinette Caldwell married for love and lives in poverty. After a chance encounter, these two old friends catch up and realize they're living the life the other wants. A photoshoot scheduled as a favor will upend both of their lives and send them in search of their better selves. Funny and thought-provoking, this new play revitalizes an old classic and asks the question: who is the best version of you?

Written by Alex Richardson
Directed by Cynthia Taylor
Produced and Designed by Savannah Bay Strandin and Tristan Layne Tapscott

ZENOLA - Sydney Dexter
NOLIE - Jo Vasquez
ANTOINETTE - Emmalee Hillburn
TONI - Shyann Devoss
MIRANDA - Alisha Hanes
CHLOE - Inna Gomez
JOHN - Adam Cerny
CHARLES - Eric Teeter

Check out this feature:
Week 1:
July 8, 9 at 8pm

Week 2:
July 15, 16 at 8pm
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