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Emily has no direction in her life. Michelle is working at a failing company in a dying industry. Cierra's ex-husband took the car and won't give it back. Bernard can't get the remote to work. Inspired by Thorton Wilder's classic, 'Our Town', Their Town presents life, marriage, and death in a small midwestern town. A day and a night go by as people just try to get by in the new century.

EMILY - Brittany Anderson
GEORGE - Drew DeKeryl
MICHELLE - Emmalee Hillburn
HE - Adam Cerny
SHE - Taylor Gravert
BERNARD - Louie Fischer
CIERRA - Alisha Hanes

Director, Playwright, Sound and Projection Designer - Alexander Richardson
Assistant Director, Stage Manager - Celeaciya Olvera
Producer, Scenic Designer, Costumer - Savannah Bay Strandin
Producer and Co- Lighting Designer - Tristan Layne
Co-Lighting Designer, Assistant Stage Manager, Board Operator - Doug Kutzli
September 23, 24,
September 29, 30 and October 1
at 8:00pm
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