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Hello, Quad Cities!

Thank you for supporting us this summer!

With the help of this fantastic community, we were fortunate enough to be able to present “The Glass Menagerie” at Black Hawk College and “Big Rock Candy Mountain” at The Black Box Theatre. We wish to thank both Black Hawk and The Black Box for their partnerships and unwavering support during this season of chaos.

Everyone keeps asking, “What’s next?”
We wish we knew exactly how to answer that. We are close to having an answer and we can’t wait to share it with you! Our hope is to have a soft opening around the holidays with a more official Grand Opening slated for early 2024. Keep a close eye on our social media over the next month for some of those announcements!
We can’t wait to reveal the new location and a new season sometime this fall!

For now, we will be taking a hiatus through the fall as we navigate the daunting task of (actually) rebuilding the beloved Mockingbird On Main!

It’s all happening…

Much love,
Tristan & Savannah
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