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“Funk upon a time. Before the days of the Thumpasaurus. There was nothing but ambient music. Then suddenly, the first down beat was struck, and funk was born. Billions of years later, two lollygaggers named Johnny and Fungus find themselves exploring the ruins of these aliens, seeking a rumored treasure lost to time. Haus Of Ruckus’ latest world premiere comedy script! Funkyology sees the duo exploring a temple full of puzzles, puppets, live music and all kinds of booty traps.

And you can see it all June 2,3,4 and 9,10,11 at The Mockingbird!
Show time: 7:34pm!
Doors open at 6:59!

Tickets $12 at the door through cash or Venmo.

Rated PG13 for adult language, cartoon violence, and jabs at the history channel.

“This project is supported by Quad City Arts, through the Arts Dollars re-granting program, supported by the Illinois Arts Council Agency and the Hubbell-Waterman Foundation”
June 2, 3, 4
June 9, 10, 11
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